G’day from Australia…my name is Paul Barre Contempree, and I’m the author of https://christjesus.com.au/

I source all of my scripture quotes, from the authorized Holy Bible, King James version (KJV).

My prayer is that those who desire to be saints, are given divine encouragement & strength, to continue on in hope, despite the wickedness that exists on this planet.

I have learn’t that without Christ, we risk being eternally damned.

This means ultimately ending up in a place, called ‘the lake of fire’.

This is where the Devil & his angels shall spend eternity as well.

Therefore the only alternative is perfect paradise forever.

Yet according to the Holy Bible, only a few shall enter the gates of glory.

Jesus continues to warn all, to flee the coming wrath of God Almighty, before it’s too late to change our mind!